Tristan&Isolde: actors picspam 

Some random picspams (I was bored) about some actresses and actors who had arthurian roles in the past. I tried to use pics that were not arthurian related (I used arthurian related pics when I couldn’t find any other ones).
(the names are from left to right, from up to down)

TRISTAN & ISOLDE in the movies
James Franco & Sophia Myles (Tristan + Isolde)
Ian Storey & Waltraud Meier (Tristan und Isolde)
?? & Miranda Raison (Merlin BBC)
Mads Mikkelsen & ?? (King Arthur)
Ralf Bauer & Léa Bosco (Il cuore e la Spada)
Nicholas Clay & Kate Mulgrew (Lovespell)
Christoph Waltz & Antonia Preser (Feuer und Schwert)
Ben Heppner & Jane Eaglen (Tristan und Isolde)

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