" "How does it feel to be the King’s right hand?"
Foolishly, I looked at my right hand. I had no answer to give. I was full of boyish pride, but in truth I felt no different. I had no real idea of what a High King was. I had simply spoken of the loyalty I felt for Arthur. Though I had given that feeling words, it was the same thing I had always felt."

Lailoken asks Bedivere about his new role.
"Bedivere Book One: The King’s Right Hand" (Wayne Wise)

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Lancelot Elaine of Astolat/The Lady of Shalott [2/?]

He spoke and ceased: the lily maid Elaine,
Won by the mellow voice before she looked,
Lifted her eyes, and read his lineaments. […]
Seamed with an ancient swordcut on the cheek,
And bruised and bronzed, she lifted up her eyes
And loved him, with that love which was her doom.



Grail In Another Castle by Drew Wise.


Grail In Another Castle by Drew Wise.


Wart from Sword in the Stone!


Wart from Sword in the Stone!

This will never end.

mother, i’ve had such sadness

LGBTQ characters in arthurian books UPDATE 

 LGBTQ characters in arthurian books - masterpost here

SPOILERS. From the books.

King Arthur - The Semi-Opera 


"King Arthur" is a semi-opera by Henry Pucell (music) and John Dryden (lyrics). Wikipedia has a detailed synopsis, so I won’t repeat it here.

The version I went to was performed by the Staatsschauspiel Dresden. If you want to see some pictures, have a look at their official homepage.


A part of me want to watch this because… opera.. arthuriana- but I never managed to start. The plot always kept me away and after Le Roi Arthus and Merlin by Isaac Albeniz I fear my expectations are too high D:

Gosh, everyone did the arthurian episode